Becoming an Excellent University by strengthening governance in organizing learning based on digital technology innovation to contribute to the development of Indonesian people who are sustainable, competitive and based on moral values.


  1. Organizing professional and sustainable higher education governance to improve the image of higher education;
  2. Producing graduates who are competitive and have moral values;
  3. Organizing tridharma which is integrated with innovation and based on digital technology;
  4. Establish a network of cooperation at both national and international levels.


  1. Governance and institutional optimization
  2. Improving the quality of human resources
  3. Optimizing the performance of higher education tridharma
  4. Increase institutional cooperation with partners


  1. Achieved accreditation of superior institutions
  2. The realization of the achievements of lecturers and students in the national and international arena
  3. The realization of a smart green campus